About me


I have many years’experience as a qualified Medical Massage Therapist. Qualified in Hungary in “Social and Healthcare College, Pecs” in 2005.

My training and experience is in deep anatomy, rheumatology, orthopaedic, traumatology and neurology.
This has given me the opportunity to work in different fields and also in rehabilitation programs. ( MS, FND, Lymphedema, after Stroke, Hip replacement, Knee replacement)

My philosophy is that through complex and wide learning and experience I can find effective solutions for my clients.

I take great satisfaction when my patients are happy and their symptoms are successfully treated.

Massage is the oldest tool to treat the body with many benefits:

Physical benefit:

reduces spasms
increases joint flexibility
releases endorphin
increased circulation of blood and lymph system
helps to boost the immune system
relieves the pain

Mental benefits:

fosters peace of mind
helps relieve mental stress
eases depression
fostering a feeling of well-being
reduces levels of anxiety
increases body&mind connection



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