Clinical Massage Therapy Course is the wonderful opportunity to build  great career or business

Clinical Massage Therapy Course

During this course you will learn effective treatment for the most common Rheumatology, Orthopaedic, Neuromuscular problems.

Entry requirement:
Diploma in Holistic /Swedish massage or equivalent,
Anatomy & Physiology knowledge, massage practice
​Home study required.
​Fees: 950 euro (including exam fees)



Clinical Massage Therapy course



Start date

26th March

Times ( 9.30am-5.30pm)

April: 9th and 23rd 
May: 7th and 21st
June: 4th and18th
July: 2nd

€ 950 including exam fee

Payment plan:
Deposit: € 250
September: € 250
October: €250
November: €200


Medical terminology, Rheumatology, Ortopedic, Neurology, Manual practice


Written exam, practical exam, case studies


Therapeutc Massage Syllabus

1st day:

Medical terminology

Cervical spine anatomy, assessment, disorders, treatment

Degenerative spine disorders,, herniated disc, protrusion, arthrithis

2nd day :

Lumbar spine anatomy, assessment, disorders, treatment

Degenerative spine disorders, herniated disc, protrusion, scoliosis, Bechterew syndroma

Scheuermann disease

3rd day:

Shoulder anatomy, assessment, disorders, treatment

Frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injury, bursitis

4th day:

Pelvic anatomy, assessment, disorders, treatment

Congenital dysplasia, arthrosis, arthrithis, hip replacement

5th day:

Lower limb anatomy, assessment, disorders, treatment

Varus&valgus aligment, Backer cyst, Gonarthrosis, knee repalecement

6th day:

Upper limb anatomy, assessment, disorders, treatment

Tennis elbow, golf elbow, Bushard-Heberden arthrosis, Carpel tunnel syndroma

Advanced techniques related to the specific problem:

MET technique, soft tissue release, traction, joint mobilization

Theory exam:
1hr written exam, multiple choice questions and question&answer
Complete 10 case studies


4 months’ weekends course,
56 contact hours: 28 hours theory contact hours-28 hours manual practise

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