1. The 'power houses' of the cell are known as?Deselect Answer
2. The spindle fibres disintegrate and the centrioles replicate during which phase of mitosis?Deselect Answer
3. Where can cytoplasm be found?Deselect Answer
4. What is the function of hyaline cartilage?Deselect Answer
5. Empty sacs with the cytoplasm are called?Deselect Answer
6. Cuboidal epithelium is found in?Deselect Answer
7. DNA can be found in?Deselect Answer
8. Where does the cell receive its energy from?Deselect Answer
9. Where does the formation of ATP take place?Deselect Answer
10. What is the function of non keratinised compound epithelium?Deselect Answer
11. Which one of the following is not contained within protoplasm?Deselect Answer
12. What is the function of the nucleolus?Deselect Answer
13. Define adipose tissue?Deselect Answer
14. The circulation of the cell is formed by?Deselect Answer
15. The centre of the cell is called?Deselect Answer
16. A group of cells form?Deselect Answer
17. Define centrioles?Deselect Answer
18. The 'protein factories' of a cell are called?Deselect Answer
19. Food is broken down and used for energy transfer within the cell in?Deselect Answer
20. The reproduction of a sex cell is called?Deselect Answer
21. How many chromosomes are in a sex cell?Deselect Answer
22. At the metaphase of mitosis?Deselect Answer
23. Ciliated epithelium is found in?Deselect Answer
24. A group of tissues join to form?Deselect Answer
25. The centrosome divides into 2 centrioles during which phase of mitosis?Deselect Answer
26. Which type of tissue contains fibrocytes and mast cells?Deselect Answer
27. What is the first stage of mitosis?Deselect Answer
28. What is the main energy transporter within the cell?Deselect Answer
29. What is a cell made of?Deselect Answer
30. Human cells contain how many chromosomes?Deselect Answer