Welcome to your Lymphatic system

1. Cancer of the lymphatic tissue is called?Deselect Answer
2. Lymphatic tissue contains?Deselect Answer
3. Where do lymphatic capillaries not occur?Deselect Answer
4. Where is the right lymphatic duct positioned?Deselect Answer
5. Which one of the follow does lymphatic tissue not contain?Deselect Answer
6. What type of valves do lymphatic vessels have?Deselect Answer
7. How long is the thoracic duct?Deselect Answer
8. Lymphatic capillaries unite to become?Deselect Answer
9. The submandibular nodes are located?Deselect Answer
10. The outer layer of lymphatic vessels consists of?Deselect Answer
11. What does the spleen destroyDeselect Answer
12. What is the function of lymphatic vessels?Deselect Answer
13. How long is the right lymphatic duct?Deselect Answer
14. The popliteal nodes are located?Deselect Answer
15. Which one of the following does not help to circulate lymph?Deselect Answer
16. The inner layer of the lymphatic vessels is made up of?Deselect Answer
17. The occipital nodes are located?Deselect Answer
18. Which one of the following is not a function of the spleen?Deselect Answer
19. Where is the spleen positioned?Deselect Answer
20. An efferent vessel transports lymph?Deselect Answer
21. What are lymphatic capillaries?Deselect Answer
22. What is the function of the right lymphatic duct?Deselect Answer
23. All lymph passes into?Deselect Answer
24. Any obstruction of the lymphatic flow causes?Deselect Answer
25. Which one of the following is not a function of lymph nodes?Deselect Answer
26. What are lymph nodes made of?Deselect Answer
27. Where are the axillary nodes located?Deselect Answer
28. The thoracic duct is positioned?Deselect Answer
29. An afferent vessel transports lymph?Deselect Answer
30. What is the structure of the spleen?Deselect Answer