Welcome to your Cardiovascular system

1. The outer layer of the heart wall is called the?Deselect Answer
2. Where do capillaries arise from?Deselect Answer
3. What is the function of thrombocytes?Deselect Answer
4. Erythrocytes are?Deselect Answer
5. When you are looking at a diagram of the heart, the upper left chamber is called?Deselect Answer
6. The function of monocytes is to?Deselect Answer
7. What artery supplies the head and neck?Deselect Answer
8. Hypertension is another term for?Deselect Answer
9. What is the function of leucocytes?Deselect Answer
10. The four plasma proteins are as follows?Deselect Answer
11. Blood returns from the lungs into which heart chamber?Deselect Answer
12. The blood is pushed from the left atrium into the left ventricle through?Deselect Answer
13. The pulmonary artery?Deselect Answer
14. The function of capillaries includes?Deselect Answer
15. A Haemorrhage occurs when?Deselect Answer
16. What type of blood can be given to patients with any blood group?Deselect Answer
17. Anaemia can be defined as follows?Deselect Answer
18. A cancer of the blood is?Deselect Answer
19. Where are the erythrocytes broken down?Deselect Answer
20. What are the characteristics of arteries?Deselect Answer
21. Which chamber of the heart does oxygenated blood return to?Deselect Answer
22. Another term for a heartbeat is?Deselect Answer
23. What protein gives blood its red colour?Deselect Answer
24. Which chamber of the heart does the heartbeat begin?Deselect Answer
25. What is the rhesus factor?Deselect Answer
26. Haemophilia is another term for?Deselect Answer
27. AIDS stands for?Deselect Answer
28. The inner layer of the heart wall is called?Deselect Answer
29. What is atherosclerosis?Deselect Answer
30. What is the function of venules?Deselect Answer