Welcome to your Respiratory system

1. The 2 chambers of the nose are divided by?Deselect Answer
2. Where are the palatine tonsils situated?Deselect Answer
3. The hollow spaces inside the bone surrounding the nose are called?Deselect Answer
4. What is the structure of the trachea?Deselect Answer
5. What is the function of the lungs?Deselect Answer
6. Where does the exchange of gases in the lungs take place?Deselect Answer
7. What are bronchioles made of?Deselect Answer
8. What is the function of bronchii?Deselect Answer
9. The symptoms of hay fever causes?Deselect Answer
10. Wich muscle is mainly involved in the mechanics of respiration?Deselect Answer
11. Which one of the following is not a function of the diaphragm?Deselect Answer
12. 31. The outer layer of the lungs is called?Deselect Answer
13. Inflammation of the pleural lining is known as?Deselect Answer
14. Where are the alveoli situated?Deselect Answer
15. What is the structure of bronchii?Deselect Answer
16. What is the trachea lined with?Deselect Answer
17. The single layers of flattened epithelial cells in bronchioles are called?Deselect Answer
18. What is the nose made of?Deselect Answer
19. What is the function of the pleural cavity?Deselect Answer
20. Which part of the respiratory system is the final passageway of air from the nose to the lungs?Deselect Answer
21. What forms the Adams apple?Deselect Answer
22. The pharynx divides into 2 parts, what are they?Deselect Answer
23. Tuberculosis is caused by?Deselect Answer
24. What is the function of the alveoli?Deselect Answer
25. What is the inner layer of the lungs called?Deselect Answer
26. What is the second passageway for air entering the body?Deselect Answer
27. What connects the trachea to the lungs?Deselect Answer
28. Inflammation of the lung tissues causes?Deselect Answer
29. Air travels from the pharynx to?Deselect Answer
30. Which nerve cells send impulses to the brain to enable breathing?Deselect Answer