Welcome to your Skeleton system

1. What parts of the body does the appendicular skeleton support?
2. Which one of the following is an example of a long bone?
3. The scapula falls under which category of bone?
4. Which one of the following is not a function of the skeleton?
5. Haversian canals can be defined as?
6. Which bones form the bridge of the nose?
7. The frontal bone forms
8. The turbinator bone is located on which part of the face?
9. The back of the cranium is made up of which bone?
10. Where is the foramen magnus located?
11. Which part of the body is the cervical spine positioned?
12. How many bones does the lumbar vertebrae contain?
13. The shoulder blades are called?
14. The bone at the top of the arm is called?
15. The wrist bones are known as>
16. How many phalanges are there in each hand>
17. The heel bone is known as ?
18. What are the joints>
19. Which of the following is not a cause of postural deformites?
20. A bone that is broken in one place with no damaged tissue is knows as ?
21. Which type of arthritis attacks the synovial membranes?
22. What type of bones allow movement?
23. Which bone helps to form the orbital cavity?
24. Which bone joins the foot to the leg?
25. Which type of joint is the least moveable of joints?
26. Inflammation of the joints is known as?
27. Which bone contains the upper teeth?
28. Which type of vertebrae is not known as true vertebrae?
29. How many bones does the coccygeal contain?
30. What is the structure of slightly moveable joints?
31. The fibula is type of ?
32. Brittle bone disease is known as?