Welcome to your Skin

1. What do Eccrine glands excrete?Deselect Answer
2. Desquamation can be defined as?Deselect Answer
3. Which fatty substance in the skin is converted into Vitamin D from UV light?Deselect Answer
4. Which one of the following cannot be absorbed by the skin?Deselect Answer
5. Shingles is also known as?Deselect Answer
6. What is dermatitis?Deselect Answer
7. Which of the following can be found in the epidermis?Deselect Answer
8. How is melanin produced?Deselect Answer
9. A bacterial infection of the pilo sebaceous duct is known as?Deselect Answer
10. What type of skin disorder is impetigo?Deselect Answer
11. Which pigment gives skin its natural colour?Deselect Answer
12. The body temperature of healthy humans is?Deselect Answer
13. The Acid Mantle is formed from?Deselect Answer
14. Which of the following is a congenital skin disorder?Deselect Answer
15. Warts can be recognised by?Deselect Answer
16. Erector Pili can be defined as?Deselect Answer
17. A complete lack of melanocytes causes?Deselect Answer
18. What type of skin disorder is a port wine stain?Deselect Answer
19. Ringworm can also be referred to as?Deselect Answer
20. The stratum lucidum is also known as?Deselect Answer
21. Comedones are also known as?Deselect Answer
22. Which one of the following is a viral infection?Deselect Answer
23. Which type of tissue is the dermis made of?Deselect Answer
24. Which layer of skin is the primary site of mitosis?Deselect Answer
25. Desquamation occurs on which layer of the skin?Deselect Answer
26. What do Mast Cells produce?Deselect Answer
27. Which layer of the skin is the cell membrane not visible?Deselect Answer
28. Ephelides are more commonly referred to as?Deselect Answer
29. Which skin disorder gives skin a flushed reddened appearance?Deselect Answer
30. What is the purpose of collagen in the skin?Deselect Answer