Welcome to your Urinary system

1. Which one of the following is not a function of the kidney?Deselect Answer
2. Afferent arterioles join to form?Deselect Answer
3. How much urine is produced everyday?Deselect Answer
4. What is the composition of urine?Deselect Answer
5. How long is the kidney?Deselect Answer
6. What part of the nervous system controls the external sphincter of the urethra?Deselect Answer
7. The loop of henle is an extension of?Deselect Answer
8. Nephritis is a term which describes?Deselect Answer
9. What is the function of the pelvis?Deselect Answer
10. What is the relationship between the endocrine and urinary systems?Deselect Answer
11. Which of the following does not enter the kidney at the hilium?Deselect Answer
12. Urine passes from the bladder to?Deselect Answer
13. What is kidney tissue made of?Deselect Answer
14. What is the function of the urethra?Deselect Answer
15. What are the functions of nephrons?Deselect Answer
16. What is the function of the bladder?Deselect Answer
17. Where is the bladder located?Deselect Answer
18. How does blood enter the kidneys?Deselect Answer
19. The tubes which connect the kidneys to the bladder are?Deselect Answer
20. What is the function of the bowman's capsule?Deselect Answer
21. Where is the medulla located?Deselect Answer
22. What is the structure of the bladder?Deselect Answer
23. The cortex is located?Deselect Answer
24. What is the renal pelvis?Deselect Answer
25. The hilium is a term for?Deselect Answer
26. Inflammation of the bladder is known as?Deselect Answer
27. Filtered substances are passed from the bowman's capsule to?Deselect Answer
28. What is the relationship between the urinary and circulatory systems?Deselect Answer
29. What is the relationship between the urinary system and skeletal system?Deselect Answer
30. What is the function of the ureters?Deselect Answer